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 FWD (Free World Dialup) Free VOIP Telephone Service

FWD (formerly known as Free World Dialup) is another free Voice over IP service like Skype and Gizmo Project you should try.

Founded in 1995 by Jeff Pulver, Brandon Lucas, and Izak Jenie, it has the distinction of being one of the oldest VOIP services.

FWD lets you make free Internet phone calls to other FWD users around the world as well as toll free calls to landline numbers in the U.S. and a few other countries.

Unlike Skype, which is a closed network, FWD allows you to talk to folks using other VOIP services, such as Packet8, and not just other FWD users. You can use FWD with any SIP-compatible softphone, or you can use their own free software, FWD.Communicator.

Download FWD.Communicator now…

After you download the softphone of your choice, you are assigned a six-digit FWD phone number. To make calls to other FWD users, just select the other party’s number in your contact list and away you go. To make calls to VOIP users on other networks (non-FWD), you have to dial additional “VOIP area codes” (these 3 to 6 digits give you access to different networks). The same goes in reverse for non-FWD user calling you.

In addition to pure Internet telephone service, FWD provides the following features:

  • Instant Messaging: Chat with other FWD and SIP-enabled contacts as well as buddies using the most popular IM networks including AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, Skype, and ICQ.
  • Video: Broadcast and receive webcam video to SIP-enabled contacts.
  • Call Toll Free numbers : Make toll free calls using special access numbers.
  • Call in from landline (PSTN): Call in from the regular telephone network to FWD by dialing specific service provider numbers.
  • Call other networks: Call other VOIP networks using prefix access codes.
  • White Pages Directory Services: Searchable directory to all FWD users.
  • Voicemail: Send and receive voicemail messages for free.

Download FWD.Communicator now…

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