The Quick Start Guide to VOIP for the Home, Home Office, and Small Business

About the Publishers

Quick Start is published by Peter and Leanne Tremblay. We live by the ocean near Vancouver, British Columbia.

Leanne has a career background in technical communication, having worked as a technical writer in high tech software and telecommunications for over fifteen years, including early adopters in the computer-telephony industry and large telecom and wireless switch providers. Peter has been involved in the wireless data communication industry since 1984 and has extensive background in WiFi, Bluetooth, and other wireless networking protocols.

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Why Another Site on VOIP?

Because, frankly, if you aren't particularly technical, finding out about voice-over-IP (VOIP) is intimidating. We think that keeping up with changes in technology is tough, especially if all you want to do is use a few tools that save you money and simplify life a little.

That’s the hope, anyway.

When it comes to computers and communications, folks are left scratching their heads, wondering what new cell phone, long distance plan, or high speed digital service to look at first.

Well, VOIP just might be the next big thing in mass market communications, and here’s why. In a nutshell, VOIP allows you to use the Internet instead of traditional phone lines to make phone calls, bypassing phone company charges, for long distance, international calling, and add on features like 3-way conferencing and call display.

Imagine being able to place phone calls ANYTIME to your relatives in London England from anywhere in the Unites States for FREE as part of a monthly plan that's around $30.

Sound interesting?

This site is geared for individuals who want to make an informed decision about using Voice-Over-IP in their home. takes a frank look at VOIP phones, VOIP providers, and fee-based versus free VOIP services. We'll be passing on personal experiences with setting up and using VOIP, and sharing answers to frequently asked questions like: is VOIP right for me? How much money can I save? And what are the downsides to this thing as well as the advantages?

So, lets get started now...

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