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Learn About IP What Puts the Zip in VOIP? IP—Internet Protocol All data traveling over the Internet is made up of packets that contain a payload as well as extra information that determine where and how that payload will be delivered...

VoIP is the cheapest way to call Cebu VoIP is the Cheapest Way to Call Cebu, which is the most important city of Philippines after Manila, took to VoIP quite early...

Compare VoIP Services and Rates Before Deciding Voice over Internet Phone service is no longer an exclusive preserve of techies...

Save Money Using Free Internet Phones Save Money on Your Phone Bill?IIf you are looking for a way to save a little money on your phone bill, look into a free Internet phone...

Grandstream 102 VoIP Phone is Ideal for Home Users The Grandstream 102 VoIP phone is an award-winning IP network phone, based on innovative, next generation technology...

Help with VOIP-How Does it Work? Well, another question might be, "Do I really need to know how it works to use it?"...

Now Where Have I Heard that Before? The Vonage Theme Song Keeps Commercials Lively The Vonage theme song, which is taken from the 2004 movie Kill Bill: Vol. 1, has become a well-known TV jingle in the US and Canada.

Comcast Jumps into VoIP in 2006 Get ready for Comcast VoIP, the VoIP, service from one of the leading communication companies in the world.

Why More and More Consumers are Switching to Voice over IP Technology (VOIP) So what is VOIP? Voice over IP technology enables you to bypass the conventional phone lines and make phone calls over the Internet. The voice is converted into digital packets, which are then transmitted to their destination using IP numbers.

Grandstream 286 VoIP Adapter—Convert your Landline Phone into Broadband Phone The Grandstream 286 VoIP adapter (also known and the Grandstream Handytone 286), enables you to convert any phone into a broadband VOIP phone.

E911 and Dialing 911 with VOIP One of the major drawbacks to VOIP service is the limitations when it comes to the handling of emergency 911 calls.

VOIP Phone Terminology: A Quick Reference When shopping around for a VOIP phone, you’ll come across the following buzzwords like: SIP phone, IP phone, and Internet phone.

High Speed VoIP Means Routing Voice on High Speed Broadband Lines You may mistake the term high speed VoIP to mean the movement of voice data at some kind of breakneck pace. You picture the best VOIP phone services as being the fastest...and you want fast. Forget the slow speed stuff.

Skype Phones are the New Rage They enable you to make Skype, SkypeIn and SkypeOut calls through an actual phone interface without switching on your computer. They can be connected to the Net with a USB port or through Bluetooth.

Gizmo Project Free Internet Phone Gizmo Project is a free Internet telephone that allows you to make and receive phone calls on your computer. It looks and feels a lot like an instant messenger.

FWD (Free World Dialup) Free VOIP Telephone Service FWD (formerly known as Free World Dialup) is another free Voice over IP service like Skype and Gizmo Project.

What are the Limitations of Free Internet Phone Service? A free Internet phone service lets you to make free long distance calls over the Internet. These calls are available in three different categories.

Inside the VoIP Internet Phone A VoIP Internet phone, unlike a conventional phone, sends voice signals over the Internet. These signals bypass the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) when the call is made from one Internet phone to another. However, when the call is made from an Internet phone to a conventional phone, the voice signals journey part of the way over regular phone lines.

What is Bandwidth and How Does it Affect VOIP? You may have heard this before: Voice Over IP (VOIP) needs a certain amount of bandwidth to be usable...

What is Broadband? Broadband is a high speed Internet connection usually provided by cable TV, DSL, or dedicated telecom lines. Broadband phone service (VOIP), requires this type of connection.

Look Over Your Options Before Choosing a Voice Over IP Distributor Before you choose a voice over IP distributor—or VOIP service provider—you need to know about the choices available to you.

How to Switch to VOIP There's no dispute that one of the biggest attractions of VOIP is the low-cost...

All Vonage Phones are Not Created Equal In it's simplest sense, a Vonage phone is a broad term that refers to the handsets used by subscribers of Vonage phone service to make and receive calls.

Comparing Vonage Handsets Vonage markets a select number of handsets with its broadband internet telephone service.

VoIP Termination is an Issue Waiting to be Resolved The number of people using conventional phones is many more than those using VoIP-enabled phones.

What are the Risks of VOIP Security? You've heard about eavesdropping, or "phone taps" on regular phone lines (the PSTN).

IP Telephony Solutions Bring Cheap and Easy Calling to the Masses IP telephony solutions offer long distance calling at a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone network. Some types of calls are even free.

Skype Releases Version 2.5 and Introduces Skypecasting and SMS Skype 2.5 is now available for download!

AIM Phoneline from AOL is the First to Offer Free Phone Numbers AOL is jumping on the voice-over-IP bandwagon with the launch in May of a new free VOIP phone service to go along with its AIM instant messenger application.

Free Features from AIM Phoneline AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) Phoneline, free VOIP service released May 16, 2006, from AOL, boasts a number of features that will make existing AIM users very happy…

Attention Skype Fans—SkypeOut is Now (omigosh) Free in USA and Canada As of May 15th, Skype will offering its SkypeOut service for free to destinations in the US and Canada.

VoIP Training is a Must for Companies using VoIP Technology With more and more organizations adopting VoIP technology, the demand for VoIP training is growing.

Is the Wi-Fi VOIP Phone the Next Generation Cell Phone? If you haven't already had it up to HERE with the latest lingo, here's another: Wi-Fi VOIP. Wi-Fi (say "Why-Fye") and VOIP (voice-over-IP) are the "technologies du jour" that are taking cell phones to the next level.

Introduction to Three Minutes or Less Here's the three-minute elevator talk on voice-over-IP--or VOIP. You're sure to have heard of it by now. And if not "VOIP", then surely "broadband telephone service". Vonage and others like them are aggressively marketing and selling consumer VOIP services.

VOIP with a Dash of PSTN...Is PhoneGnome the Best of Both Worlds? Some folks might say that PhoneGnome is sitting the fence, but perhaps in the melee of today's VOIP broadband phone providers that's the best place to be. Above the fray, as it were.

Using Skype with Your Mobile Phone There’s a new little company in town, called EQO (say “echo”), and they’ve come up with a nifty way of making and receiving calls on Skype from your cell phone.

Comparing VOIP to Conventional Long Distance Calling Plans After trying several long distance calling plans over the years, we recently switched over to a VOIP system ...



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