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AIM Phoneline from AOL is the First to Offer Free Phone Numbers

AOL is jumping on the voice-over-IP bandwagon with the launch in May of a new free VOIP phone service to go along with its AIM instant messenger application.

Called AIM Phoneline, the service marks the first time a major consumer VOIP offering includes a free local phone number.

Mind you, the free number is only for incoming calls from any phone. If you want to make unlimited outgoing calls, both local and long distance, you have to subscribe to AIM Phoneline Unlimited for $14.95 per month.

Like Skype, another software-based Internet phone service, you need a headset and microphone connected to a computer with a broadband Internet phone connection, and of course an AIM user account.

AOL is touting that because they are offer a free inbound phone number, their service is cheaper than Skype (by a whopping $4 per month).

So who else is doing the same thing? No one yet as far as the free phone number goes, but in the Instant Messenger (IM) world, Yahoo, MSN, and Google have all recently added the voice component to their chat applications.

If you are already an AIM user, it’s really a no brainer to give AIM Phoneline a try when the official launch rolls out in May.

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