The Quick Start Guide to VOIP for the Home, Home Office, and Small Business

Who's Using VOIP?

Vonage user Sherman Hu, owner and chief blogging instructor at

What service provider and plan you use?

Vonage - Premium Unlimited $24.99 Plan. Learn more about Vonage...

Vonage Premium Unlimited Plan lets you make unlimited, unrestricted calls anywhere in Canada and the United States for $24.99 a month ($39.99/month in Canada).

Vonage saves you money on your phone calls.

What’s your device configuration?

I use a Panasonic KX-TG5200 5.8GHZ portable phone, connected to my Vonage router (Linksys Broadband Router model RT31P2) that Vonage shipped to me.

I’m also running Shaw high speed cable through my home, with a wireless router (Netgear) connected to the Linksys Router, powering both desktop and laptop computers.

Was Vonage easy to set up?

It was relatively easy - because I wanted to get it right the first time, I was sure to read the instructions provided from Vonage.

Do you use it often?

Yes. Typically 1200 minutes per month.

Note: average residential phone usage is around 100 minutes per month.

Do you use VOIP as an additional business line or a replacement home phone line?

It is my main business line. We've kept our local telephone line for our home phone line.

What is your estimate of savings?

Hundreds of dollars per month.

What about quality of service?

For the most part, very good. There has been two times I recall where the quality was poor, basically 2 days in the whole time I've had the line.

I know and have read poor reviews of Vonage, but it seems to work quite well for me. I've also tried to use Skype for VOIP calls, but the call quality was very poor consistently. So I'm sticking with Vonage.

Thanks Sherman!


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