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List of Free Internet Phones

Internet phones, or softphones, are really just software that let you make and receive calls on your computer.

Many softphones are free to download. The interfaces in most cases look familiar: either a phone dialpad that you click to dial the number, or an Instant Messenger (IM) interface, that lets you select contacts (or email addresses) and sets up something like a voice chat.

Here's a list of some popular free VOIP software that you can download and try for yourself:

  • Skype — Popular free VOIP service provider. Free Internet phone services between Skype users and low cost rates to and from landline phones. More on Skype...
  • FWD.Communicator — Free VOIP softphone from Free World Dialup. Lets you call non-FWD users in other peer networks around the world. More on FWD...
  • Gizmo Project — Full featured softphone that interoperates with the Google Talk network. Free calls between Gizmo users and between Gizmo and Google Talk users. Nice interface. More on Gizmo Project...
  • VOIPBuster — Lets you make free phone calls to other VOIPBuster users AND free calls to regular landline phones in selected countries around the world. For select destinations, you can also have a regular phone number to receive calls from landline phones.
  • PhoneGaim — Instant Messenger software for Windows and Linux that lets you use your computer to make phone calls to all of your Instant Message Buddies on any service (AOL, MSN, ICQ, and Yahoo!) for free. You can also  call any phone in the world either free (designated countries only) or at very low rates. Free voicemail and conference calling.
  • BuddyTalk — From InnoMedia, a free Internet phone that looks like a real cell phone. You can make free calls to other BuddyTalk users, and low cost PC-to phone calls. BuddyTalk is not compatible with Windows 95, Windows NT or Windows 2000 Server.

For a detailed list of other free computer phones, visit

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