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Grandstream 102 VoIP Phone is Ideal for Home Users

The Grandstream 102 VoIP phone is an award-winning IP network phone, based on innovative, next generation technology. The phone offers amazing voice clarity, is feature-rich and very economical.

grandstream 102 voip phone

In fact, the Grandstream Budgetone 102 is one of the lowest priced VoIP phones available and is an ideal first phone for a small business or a home user.

The Grandstream 102 is manufactured by Grandstream Networks, Inc., a private company based in Massachusetts, USA. Incorporated in 2002, Grandstream Networks is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative and highly affordable IP telephone products for broadband IP networks. Grandstream uses leading-edge technology to design high quality IP telephones, at a fraction of the cost of competing products.

The Grandstream Budgetone 102 is a SIP-based VoIP phone. It features a 12-digit caller ID LCD display, menu navigation and speakerphone. It enables you to dial an IP address directly. You can use a cat 5 cable, to plug your Grandstream Budgetone 102 directly into your router, or switch. A wireless VoIP system is also an option.

The Grandstream Budgetone is a large phone with big dialing number buttons. It is very light and has many advanced features. While you are making a VoIP call, you cannot hear your own voice. This takes a little getting used to.

Once you have registered your phone with your SIP provider, a square indicator on the top left hand side of the screen will confirm if the phone has been registered properly. A blinking indicator means that something is wrong and if you don't see an indicator, it means that you are not registered.

To make a call, just pick up the phone and dial a number. You can also access the list of numbers you dialed, or from which you received calls earlier. You have the option of transferring a call, putting a call on hold, or muting the microphone. The Grandstream Budgetone 102 has a message waiting light, which flashes when you have a message waiting.

The phone is good value for the money and has little competition in its price category. It sells online for around $70. It comes with a CAT V cable, which is to be used with the in-built switch and power supply. It offers you downloadable musical ringing tones, music on hold and a built-in alarm clock. The Grandstream range includes the 100 and the 101, which offer fewer feature and the 102-D, which offers as 16-digit display.

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