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VOIP with a Dash of PSTN...Is PhoneGnome the Best of Both Worlds?

Some folks may say that PhoneGnome is sitting the fence, but perhaps in the melee of all those  VOIP broadband phone providers that's the best place to be. Above the fray, as it were.

Lets take a look.

PhoneGnome, from TelEvolution, combines the best of the PSTN, with voice-over-IP (VOIP) calling. In fact, you NEED to have a regular landline for PhoneGnome to work. While the VOIP world seems to have divided itself into two camps: those like Vonage, and those like Skype, PhoneGnome is decidedly something different.

With PhoneGnome, you purchase outright the PhoneGnome adaptor (you own it). You just plug it into your broadband Internet, and into your home phone line, and it configures itself.

When you go to make a call, PhoneGnome determines if the call can be made over VOIP (the Internet) and does so if possible. If it can't, the call proceeds over the PSTN. You don't need to change your phone number, you still get regular 911 coverage, and you still have phone service during power outages. There are no monthly charges beyond your regular landline bill or long distance carrier.

The idea is that you convince all your friends, neighbors, and long distance relations to buy a PhoneGnome as well, and then all calls between PhoneGnome users (forever) are free. Plus calls to other open VOIP networks, such as FWD (Free World Dialup) are also free.

For more information on PhoneGnome, check out their website:

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