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Skype Phones are the New Rage

Skype phones are the new rage. They enable you to make Skype, SkypeIn and SkypeOut calls through an actual phone interface without switching on your computer. They can be connected to the Net with a USB port or through Bluetooth.

A portable Skype phone has everything you need to make phone calls, including a 2.5-mm headset jack. You only have to plug it into a computer, which is connected to the Internet, to start making Skype calls. It is ideal for those who travel a lot and use other PCs. These phones cost US $ 49 a piece.

Standard USB phones like the IPFone IP-700 USB Phone require your PC to make calls. They are capable of making Skype calls and provide you with the feel of a conventional phone. These phones cost about US $ 40.

The DualPhone Skype enabled USB phones allow you to make Skype, SkypeIn and SkypOut calls from anywhere in your house. They enable you to make and receive both Skype and telephone calls. They can be plugged into your PC for making Skype calls or into your landline for conventional calls or the VoIP provider port.

The Dualphone is a dual-purpose phone, which combines a VoIP handset with a cordless phone. Skype has been gaining in popularity and digital cordless handsets based on the DECT standard are being widely used in Europe. Instead of waiting beside your PC or laptop for a long distance call, you can carry the Du@lphone while moving about the house. The voice quality is very good and you can take the call in any part of the house. These phones cost $140 US for the base and the phone. Additional dual handsets cost another $70.

Cordless Dualphone for Skype

One disadvantage of this approach is that the PC has to be running for you to be able to receive Skype calls. You can receive regular phone calls even when the PC is switched off. The phone can be used with any PSTN network. Your PC needs to be placed close to the phone socket. Also you need to use the version of Skype, which is provided to you with the Du@lphone software. The Calling Line identification (CLI) allows you to assign names to the list of numbers in the calls received list sand to store them in the memory.

The Skype calls and Skype phones have revolutionized the phone industry. That is why more and more users across the US and Europe are switching to Skype phones.

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