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Now Where Have I Heard that Before? The Vonage Theme Song Keeps Commercials Lively

The Vonage theme song, which is taken from the 2004 movie Kill Bill: Vol. 1, has become a well-known TV jingle in the US and Canada.

You know the one...cue drums...“Woo-Hoo...Woo-Hoo-Hoo...”

That catchy hook gets going and you know you're into a Vonage commercial.

Listen Now...

The first Vonage commercials ran the lyric in the background from the word go. The catchy jingle, coupled with a warning line saying “Do not attempt”, cranked up viewer interest.

In the commercial “Tree”, you see a car in the foreground and a man chopping a tree in the background. The tree is then seen to crash on the car while the theme song plays on. The car and the tree then fade out and the Vonage message comes up “People do stupid things”, and is followed by “Like pay too much for home phone service”. Okay, I get it...

After the “Do not attempt” and with “People do stupid things” series of commercials, Vonage came up with a new series, in which we had to wait for the theme song in the second segment of the commercial. The first segment showed a Vonage user listing the advantages of Vonage phones, etcetera.

There was a slight controversy over the Vonage theme song when Chevrolet used the same jingle to launch its Cobalt economy car. However, the commercial was withdrawn once Chevrolet realized that the theme song has come to be associated with Vonage.

Vonage continues to build on its theme song and has now launched seven commercials. These are Infomercial Short, Batter, Tree, Treadmill, Break dancer, Neighbors and Lobster. All these commercials are smartly produced, and have a high recall value largely on account the theme song which—love it, or hate it—you can't ever seem to get out of your head.


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