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Grandstream 286 VoIP Adapter—Convert your Landline Phone into Broadband Phone

The Grandstream 286 VoIP adapter (also known and the Grandstream Handytone 286), enables you to convert any phone into a broadband VOIP phone.

It is compact and lightweight, and provides rich functionalities. These include voice/fax over IP facility, very good voice quality and universal plug and dial facility. The adapter is modestly priced at around $30 and provides an excellent alternative to broadband phones.

grandstream 286 voip adapter

The adapter is black in color and is about the size of a pack of cigarettes. It has one multi-colored LED for states and one button for selecting the voice prompted configuration menu. The interfaces include one DC jack for power, 1 Ethernet 10baseT and 1 FXS Analog interface.

The adapter can be configured via an HTTP interface. It can also be configured via a set of voice prompts, though this is not easy to do. The Ethernet jack has link and traffic LEDs like other such devices. It is quite easy to configure and you only need about 10 minutes time to configure it. The Cisco-186 adapter is a direct competitor of the Grandstream 286 VoIP adapter; both are analog phone adapters.

The Grandstream adapter works well as a single phone on a broadband network. It offers customers an inexpensive way of using conventional PSTN phones on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) networks. Once the adapter is plugged, the customers can’t make out the difference between a standard landline phone and the VoIP phone using the Grandstream adapter.

The adapter is manufactured by Grandstream Networks Inc, a company which was incorporated in 2002. The company, which has its headquarters in Massachusetts, has in the last few years become a major provider of VoIP terminal products and solutions. Most of its products are well designed and innovative, and meant for broadband networks. They are reasonably priced, and compare well with rival products both in price and ease of use. Grandstream Networks is known to use proprietary technology to build IP phones, VoIP analog telephone adapters and low density gateways.

Grandstream Networks’ products comply with industry open standards. They provide excellent sound quality, have the latest features and are easy to use. Above all they cost very little money and offer excellent value for money.

So, if you are planning to convert your landline phone into a broadband phone go for Grandstream 286 VoIP.

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