The Quick Start Guide to VOIP for the Home

Helpful Resources

Reviews — A great site that provides user reviews and concise information on Voice over IP services and products.

Government Sites — Site of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) addressing questions, concerns and rulings regarding broadband Internet phone service and providers.


PC to Phone & SIP Configuration — specializes in PC to Phone VoIP and SIP (Session Internet Protocol) device configuration. Site includes a comprehensive directory of PC to Phone service providers as well as general VoIP related articles. — Love this site on all things VOIP, from tutorials to user reviews.

Voice-over-IP on Wikipedia — Another invaluable source of unbiased information on VOIP.

VOIP Service Providers

VOIP Shopping

Business Phone Systems from HCWT, who specialize in VoIP, PBX, and Small Business & Office systems.

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More Internet Phone Info

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