The Quick Start Guide to VOIP for the Home

Choosing a VOIP Broadband Phone Provider

I want to call mostly friends and family BUT I don't want to worry about computer programs and passwords.

If you just want to pick up the phone and dial the way you normally do, OR if who call you most often aren't computer savvy—like grandparents for instance—then a VOIP long distance plan is for you.

Plans like PhonePower also come with a second line free and over 45 features like voice mail, call waiting, call forwarding and conference calling.

Residential plans starting at just $14.95 per month!


I want to call mostly friends and family. I don't mind using my computer to make calls BUT they do.

If you're into saving money on long distance calls to friends and family and don't mind using your computer to do it, an unlimited softphone package is a great idea.

The people you're calling don't have to be on their computer. They just answer the phone like normal.  But you make and receive calls from a program that stores your contacts for you and has a point-and-click keypad for dialing.

Skype - Unlimited Calls to Landlines


I want to call mostly friends and family using the computer.

If you send and receive exchange email with friends and family regularly, then chances are they've got enough computer savvy to use a VOIP softphone.

When both of you use the same softphone, such as Skype, the call is free.

Download Skype free


I just want the cheapest long distance plan I can get and ONE phone bill each month

If you want to phone bill for both local and long distance and low rates for international...try an internet phone unlimited long distance plan.

You can pay $10 to $20 a month, without any long term commitments. Or, you can also pay $200 for the year for the best deal overall. Annual plans often include the second year free or a second line free. Both types of plans include free calling features like voicemail, forwarding, caller ID, conference calling, and call waiting.

Best Choice Residential Plans Starting at just $14.95!


I want to make it easy and cheap for people to call me long distance.

What if you have family or business clients in another state or another country? You can make it easy for them, and cheap too, by getting a VOIP plan that gives you virtual numbers in any city you want. When they call you, they dial a local number and pay for just the cost of a local call (which could even be free depending on where they are).

When people call these virtual secondary numbers, the calls ring through on your primary line.

If you like using your computer to make and/or receive calls calls:

Virtual SkypeIn numbers

If you like using a regular phone:

PhonePower digital phone service with a virtual, out-of-area number


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